Every Single Moment is Beautiful

Surbhi Pandya is the cofounder and designer behind VIVAAN fine jewelry, established in the year 2008. She has won finest designer awards for her designs and also been a judge at the Instore Top Retailers for 2020. The spiritual aspect of life has always attracted Surbhi, as she is known for her energy cleansing work. Being a meditator, her inspiration for VIVAAN fine jewelry is the subconscious mind which is when she taps into her creative alpha side. Surbhi has also successfully life coached many clients during her trunk shows. In fact, her guiding principle in life, which is also her company’s tag-line is: “Every single moment is beautiful.“ Having been born into the diamond business, the product of many generations in this field, Surbhi spent most of her early years studying diamonds and their ability to influence human psychology and what causes emotions.